Monday, June 6, 2011

Hyrbid Diapers Camping Style!

This past weekend, my family went camping in Pennsylvania. Typically when we go on vacation or camping I would buy a pack of sposies to use but this time, I decided to give the Hybrid systems a shot. I have only used a disposable insert once and it didn't end well as Kevin ended up soaking his clothes after less than two hours. I probably didn't have it tucked in right or something but I was scared to try them away from home. But I decided I really should give it an honest shot so I packed up all my Flip covers along with my Bummis. Then I decided I might need more so I packed my GroVia covers just in case. I wasn't feeling so sure about them because of the mesh lining, I was afraid they'd be more difficult to clean. I had a pack of G-diaper disposable inserts so I packed those up and bought myself my first pack of disposable wipes in months! 

I will say that overall, it worked out pretty well. The problems I encountered were due to the fact that Kevin spent his weekend pooping instead of camping! ;)  As it turns out, I'm not even sure what size inserts I had because I took them out of the bag a long time ago but they definitely weren't long enough in the back. I am SO THANKFUL that our campsite had it's own water spout to rinse the covers at. But, on the other hand, the mess was always contained by the cover so even though clean-up was not as convenient as it could have been, it also wasn't horrible. 
I think I will continue to use Hybrids for camping and trips but I would like  to test out some other brands and sizes as well. 

So....who else has an interesting experience to share with using hybrids while traveling?

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