Monday, June 13, 2011

How I Battled With Yeast

My little guy, Kevin, kept getting a yeast rash over and over again. We'd clear it up, treat our diapers and everything would be fine for a few months until it would come back after a series of harsh poops. (Isn't it fun how when you are a mother, especially a cloth diapering mother, talking about poop is normal and not at all gross?)

I was getting desperate. I knew that because we had such long periods between outbreaks that it wasn't really still in the diapers and I especially knew when it came back during a period where he was in disposables. So what was my solution? I've been adding a few drops of tea tree oil to both my wipe solution and my wash water and also in my wipe solution a bit of olive oil. Both are a natural anti-fungal and it even seemed to speed up clearing up the rash and guess who learned her lesson when she stopped using it for a few months?? *raises hand*. That will teach me to run out of tea tree oil and think it doesn't matter!

And since seeing how well that has worked I've become more open to using other essential oils. My next experiment is going to be using an oil blend as a bug repellent. It will get a great test when we're on vacation in Maine this summer!

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  1. I used a pepperment based bug repellant I picked up at a camping/outdoor store last summer and it worked great, just a little sticky.

    I used it all up so I don't know what the brand was anymore but it was all natural and deet free.